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Venezuela: Persecuting Capriles – by Fausta Wertz

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Chavismo is sounding more hysteric every day:
Venezuela’s parliament launches probe into Capriles

Venezuela’s government-controlled parliament on Wednesday set up an inquiry into violence over its disputed election that authorities blame on opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

Chavismo Evolves Into Madurismo-Fascismo

And here is sweet Minister of Prisons Iris Varela, another fascistoid personality, telling Capriles not to worry that she has reserved a jail cell for him and to please stop using drugs. Definitely a worthwhile reason to hold a press conference and to have the station of the other half of Venezuelans cover it live:

In Spanish,

There are reports of blacklisting, in the new form of depriving of electricity households that took part in last week’s cacerolazo. Additionally, this post on a Noticiero Digital forum claims that the government is distributing shirts with Capriles’s name to prospective rioters, with riots planned for tomorrow. The plan is allegedly Diosdado Cabello’s, as a coup for which Capriles will be blamed.

“What I called for was a cacerolazo,” Capriles said during a news conference in Caracas. “How can it be a crime to demand a recount?”

Capriles continues to ask people to keep the peace, and is planning a demonstration on May 1,

Chavismo has lost any democratic character, not that it ever did.

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