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Mr. Jon Basil Utley

Mr. Jon Basil Utley is a Senior Fellow with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and the Mises Institute. He is the Chairman and editor of Americans Against Bombing.

He is listed in Who's Who in the World & Who’s Who in America. He was for 20 years a commentator on the Voice of America about 3rd world economic issues. He has served on the advisory board or Board of Directors of many conservative organizations including Reason Foundation, Accuracy in Media, Council for Inter-American Security, Conservative Caucus, etc.

He has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Washington Post, Washington Times, Insight, National Review, Human Events, Miami Herald, etc. He lived for 15 years in South America and was a foreign correspondent for the Journal of Commerce and Knight Ridder Newspapers. Later in Washington he was Associate Editor of THE TIMES OF THE AMERICAS, covering Latin America. He also had wide experience in the business world, having started out with American International Group (insurance) working in Cuba and Colombia; then in the investment business in Peru, in oil well development in Pennsylvania, and real estate development in Washington, D.C.

He is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, also with language studies at the University of Munich, University of Freiburg, and Alliance Francaise, Paris, and New School in N.Y. (Spanish), and Norwich University (Russian). He speaks 4 languages. Search google.com or yahoo.com for over a thousand links to his many writings. Utley is well known in conservative circles in America for his positions against the wars in Iraq and Kosovo.

Recent writings by Jon B. Utley:

  • Proportional Representation Creates Dysfunctional Democracies (English) (Spanish Translation)
  • Left-Right Alliance Against War?
  • Free Market Lessons from Latin America and Asia
  • Lessons for Europe from Latin American De-Nationalization (Privatization) Programs (Lecture Delivered in Cyprus)
  • Jude Wanniski (1936-2005)

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