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Immigration Reform

US: Destiny of a Nation Lies in Arizona Immigration Case – by Jeffrey T. Kuhner

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President Obama wants to destroy America. This isn’t hyperbole; it is fact. This is the essence of the administration’s lawsuit against Arizona. Recently, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding the constitutionality of Arizona’s immigration law, known as SB 1070.

The measure was passed by the state Legislature and signed by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Opinion polls consistently show a strong majority of Arizonans supports SB 1070. Hence, the administration is seeking to overturn the democratic will of the people. Mr. Obama wants to subordinate states’ rights to the growing federal Leviathan.

SB 1070 enables local and state police to check the immigration status of Arizona residents, especially after a minor infraction such as speeding or going through a red light. Its purpose is to help enforce federal immigration laws. Arizona is under siege from massive illegal immigration. Large swathes of the state have been effectively annexed by Mexican drug cartels. Gang violence is rising; drug smuggling and human trafficking are rampant; the homes of ranch owners are regularly burglarized; and the state’s hospitals and schools are being bankrupted by illegal aliens. In short, Arizona is facing an invasion. Since the federal government refuses to crack down on the porous southern border, Arizona has no choice but to defend itself.

SB 1070 simply empowers state and local law enforcement to arrest and then identify illegal aliens to federal authorities. Ultimately, it is up to the federal government to decide whether the illegal immigrants should be detained, deported or allowed to stay in America. Arizona is not usurping federal responsibility. Rather, it is trying to maintain some control over its borders. This is why five other states — Utah, Indiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama — passed similar laws. Fearing a popular uprising against his open-borders regime, Mr. Obama responded swiftly and decisively: He ordered the Justice Department to sue Arizona, thereby blocking implementation of the legislation.

The radical left claims the law is profoundly racist — aimed at discriminating against Hispanics. This is preposterous. SB 1070 is not targeted at Arizonans of Mexican descent, but at the real source of the state’s woes: illegal immigrants. The fact that the overwhelming majority of illegal aliens come from Mexico is not Arizona’s fault. Instead, it is that of the “undocumented” Mexicans. They have chosen to break our laws and violate America’s national sovereignty. The police should not be expected to turn a blind eye to reality.

This is why the high court was highly sympathetic to Arizona’s argument. Chief Justice John Roberts claimed the administration wants to block the law because it doesn’t want to stem the flow of illegal immigration. “It seems to me that the federal government just doesn’t want to know who is here illegally or not,” he said.

Even liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, an Obama appointee and the court’s first Hispanic, appeared to side against the administration’s top lawyer, Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. “You can see it’s not selling very well,” she told Mr. Verrilli.

The reason is obvious: Mr. Obama is essentially denying Arizona — and the other states — the right to prevent illegal aliens from crossing its borders. He is siding with foreign lawbreakers and criminals against his own state governments. It is treason posing as multicultural compassion.

Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion per year, according to the Federation for American Immigration Reform. In its 2010 report, FAIR estimated about $80 billion of that burden is absorbed by struggling state and local governments. For Arizona, the cost of illegal aliens is over $2.5 billion annually. In other words, the onslaught of unlimited Third World immigration is slowly bankrupting America. Mexico is dumping its excess poor citizens and unskilled workers on American soil. For decades, there has been an unholy alliance between liberal Democrats and corporate Republicans on keeping the border open — despite intense opposition from middle America. Democrats want to import potential voters; Republicans want cheap labor. They are indifferent to the devastating economic and social consequences.

The fate of the United States now lies in the hands of nine justices. Should the Supreme Court rule against SB 1070, then the states will be stripped of their ability to protect their citizens or their budgets. They will become nothing more than administrative units of an all-powerful centralized state. Federalism will be dead and buried.

America’s borders also will be rendered meaningless, effectively erased by our ruling elites. If foreigners can enter with impunity, then our nation will cease to exist. We are losing control over our boundaries, sovereignty and destiny. We are being reduced to a vassal of the world community. Mr. Obama and his leftist allies are slowly achieving their ultimate goal: the dissolution of American independence.

* Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times and president of the Edmund Burke Institute.

Source: Times 247

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2 comments for “US: Destiny of a Nation Lies in Arizona Immigration Case – by Jeffrey T. Kuhner”

  1. Who´s this racist? Using democratic “arguments” do not make sense. By majority the people could decide to send him to the green mile, for example.
    Most of the arguments are just not true.

    Posted by Krishna van den Brule | May 9, 2012, 9:20 am
  2. Mr. Kuhner speaks only of one side of the coin. The other side is that american products would not be competitive without cheap labor.
    The majority of mexicans are not killers they are working good people that are obliged to look for a job wherever there is one, but also want always to come back to their native homes. Their need is such that they fill the spaces in dirty and hard works that the americans will not do.
    Why not think about an in-out USA controlled system, and quit the aggresivity against them. I am sure that with all that discrimination, they do not want to stay and live in the USA, they do so because it is so difficult for them to return if they leave.
    I am aware of the cultural burden that so many wars have possed on the american people. It explains why the SB 1070 is the only option the Arizona government sees and seeks as a solution to the problem. They do not even think in another solution that would be less aggresive against human beings. Thank you for the opportunity and for your kind attention. T. Moore

    Posted by THELMA MOORE | May 9, 2012, 1:18 pm

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