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US: A Pattern Of Power Abuse – Investors.com

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Tyranny: Perhaps the most sinister aspect of the president’s parade of scandals is that just days before they broke, he mocked as paranoid those concerned about government excesses.

On May 5, while giving the commencement address at Ohio State University, President Obama advised graduates to put all their trust in government and reject those shrill “voices” that say it’s the source of our problems.

Ignore these limited-government types, he told the class of 2013, who warn “tyranny lurks just around the corner.”

Only, Obama himself has proved our fears are well-founded. Government, particularly governance by this rogue regime, needs more checks, not fewer; more skepticism, not less. Tyranny isn’t lurking around the corner. It’s now upon us, manifest in the pattern of misuse and abuse of government power by this presidency, as revealed in its:

• Siccing the IRS on its political enemies.

• Seizing the home phone records of journalists.

• Opening more criminal investigations of press leaks than all previous presidents combined.

• Intimidating and silencing government whistle-blowers.

• Doctoring CIA intelligence reports to cover up national security failures.

• Framing private lenders and other businesses for civil-rights violations.

• Funneling settlement funds from banks to Democrat nonprofit groups who weren’t even party to cases, including those that exist solely to shake down banks for risky loans and payola.

• Interfering in and sabotaging Supreme Court cases to protect unconstitutional prosecutorial weapons used against financial institutions.

• Running guns to foreign druglords and covering up their link to a federal agent’s death.

It’s no coincidence that the political timelines of the IRS and Justice Department fishing expeditions, as well as the Benghazi cover-up, all line up with Democrat political campaigns.

This is the government we have trusted to be the custodian of our personal medical records? This is the government we have trusted to police every consumer credit transaction?

It is imperative that Republicans now move legislation to repeal ObamaCare and Dodd-Frank, while immediately blocking further funding to enforce and implement new health and financial regulations.

As we have warned over and over again in the last four years, this is an exceedingly power-hungry president who has no respect for the Constitution or rule of law. He will continue to run roughshod over our individual rights and economic freedoms — if we continue to let him.

Source: Investors.com

Watch Jon Stewasrt’s TV show on the IRS scandal:

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