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US: Harvard study shows gun control doesn’t save lives – Examiner.com

US: Harvard study shows gun control doesn’t save lives – Examiner.com

US: Nixing the rule of law for rule by Obama – by Jeffrey T. Kuhner

President Obama is abusing his power and usurping congressional authority. He is replacing the rule of law with arbitrary rule, ignoring the constitutional limits upon his power. This is the real meaning of his assault on the Second Amendment.

US: Guns Aren’t The Issue – Lack Of Traditional Civility Is – by Walter E. Williams

Many customs, traditions and moral values have been discarded without an appreciation for the role they played in creating a civilized society, and now we’re paying the price. What’s worse is that instead of a return to what worked, people want to replace what worked with what sounds good, such as zero-tolerance policies in which bringing a water pistol, drawing a picture of a pistol, or pointing a finger and shouting “bang-bang” produces a school suspension or arrest.

US: Fast and furious is not a D.C. law firm – by Ann Coulter

Most Americans don’t care about whether Attorney General Eric Holder is hiding Fast and Furious documents because they don’t understand the story. Until someone can tell us otherwise, there is only one explanation for why President Obama’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives gave thousands of guns to Mexican drug dealers: It put guns in their hands to strengthen liberals’ argument for gun control.

US: Remember Fast and Furious’s Mexican Victims – by Deroy Murdock

“One of the things that’s so offensive about this case is that our federal government knowingly, willfully, purposefully gave the drug cartels nearly 2,000 weapons and allowed them to walk,” Representative Jason Chaffetz (R., Utah) told NBC News. These arms were supposed to lead federal agents in Phoenix to the Mexican thugs who acquired them. Instead, Fast and Furious guns melted into Mexico without a trace. These weapons became invisible, but not silent. Approximately 300 Mexicans have been killed or wounded by Fast and Furious guns.

US: House votes to hold attorney general in contempt – Fox News

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday became the first Cabinet member held in contempt of Congress, a rebuke pushed by Republicans seeking to unearth the facts behind a bungled gun-tracking operation. The NRA contended the administration wanted to use Operation Fast and Furious to win gun control measures.

US: Guns Save Lives – by John Stossel

Now I know that I was totally wrong about guns. Now I know that more guns means — hold onto your seat — less crime. And if guns save lives, it logically follows that gun laws cost lives.

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