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US: Greener than “green” – by Deroy Murdock

US: Greener than “green” - by Deroy Murdock

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The Hispanic American Center for Economic Research (HACER) is a 501(c)(3) organization that is supported entirely through gifts from individuals, philanthropic foundations, and corporations.

HACER is devoted to promote the study of issues pertinent to the countries of Hispanic America as well as Hispanic Americans living in the United States, especially as they relate to the values of personal and economic liberty, limited government under the rule of law, and individual responsibility.

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US: Will the Supreme Court permit EPA climate fraud? – by Paul Driessen
April 15, 2014
US: Dr. Alejandro Chafuen received the 2014 Walter Judd Freedom Award – TFAS
April 15, 2014
US: Perils of commercial beekeeping – by Paul Driessen
April 9, 2014
Free-Market Think Tanks In The Americas: Their Debt To The “Chicago Boys” – by Alejandro Chafuen
April 9, 2014
US: More fraudulent science from EPA – by Paul Driessen
April 1, 2014
US: Away From Socialism: Mario Vargas Llosa Joins The Mont Pelerin Society – by Alejandro Chafuen
April 1, 2014
US electricity system in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs – by Paul Driessen & Roger Bezdek
March 25, 2014
US: Crimea, Venice, Colorado Are Saying That The Era Of Big Government Is Over – by Ralph Benko
March 25, 2014
US: Unemployment Will Remain High So Long As The Dollar Remains Wiggly – by Ralph Benko
March 18, 2014
US: “Start With A Smile” And Other Tips For Successful Networks – by Alejandro Chafuen
March 10, 2014
US: Fracking – Clean and green – by Deroy Murdock
February 24, 2014
US: The ignorance and hypocrisy behind oil export bans – by Paul Driessen
February 24, 2014
US: Think Tanks And The Power of Networks – by Alejandro Chafuen
February 24, 2014
US: Readers Want Science, Not Political Activism – by Greg Walcher
February 8, 2014
US: Ann Romney: ‘The Country Lost’ By Re-Electing Obama – by Tom Kludt
February 2, 2014

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