Special Projects

From time to time, HACER receives special projects to work on for other think tanks:

The  Economic Transformation of Chile:

In this project, developed by HACER at the request of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation and Libertad y Desarrollo from Chile, we created a news blog loaded with a large selection of articles in English on the economic transformation of Chile,  a benchmark of success for the rest of the developing world to aspire, study, and hopefully emulate.

* Documentary Film: Return to the Gulag

We translated the film’s script into Spanish and added the subtitles electronically to the documentary film “Return to the Gulag” at the request of the Freda Utley Foundation for the Latin American audience. The film depicts Stalin’s communist regime, the one that sent 18 million people to the concentration camps that were part of the Soviet Gulag system. In the 30 minutes documentary film you will see Jon Basil Utley’s search for his father Arkadi Berdichevsky.

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