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Cuba: Who’s Afraid of Yoani Sanchez? – Capitol Hill Cubans

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yoanitimeYesterday afternoon, Yoani Sanchez — Generation Y blogger and one of Time Magazine’s 2008 Most Influential People in the World — along with other bloggers and musicians (including Claudia Codelo from the blog Octavo Cerco and Ciro Diaz from the band Porno Para Ricardo) were detained outside the Hospital Calixto Garcia in Havana.

While detained, they were beaten (Yoani severely) and threatened. The message from the state security thugs that detained them was “hasta aqui han llegado” (“this is as far as you have come”). This could mean even greater obstacles — as if that were possible — in the ability of bloggers and musicians to get their message out of the island.

Hours later, they were released in distant neighborhoods.

Yoani has told the AP that, “it was very violent.”

Ironically, but not coincidentally, this act of repression took place after the Friday news cycle, and on the same day as the Inter-American Human Rights Commission held its hearings on Cuba.

Prior to being detained, Yoani, Claudia and Ciro were headed to a peaceful street performance that was organized by Luis Eligio from musical group “Omni Zona Franca” and the rap group “Los Aldeanos,” and scheduled to take place between Calle 23 and G and 23 and L in Havana.

That is how the Castro regime treats bloggers in Cuba — physically beating a 110 lb. woman.

So what is the regime so afraid of?

Hint: There was only one Cuban on Time Magazine’s list of the most influential people in the world.

And it wasn’t the Castro brothers.

Source: http://www.capitolhillcubans.com/

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  1. […] Who’s Afraid of Yoani Sanchez? […]

    Posted by Fausta’s Blog » Blog Archive » The beaten Cuban bloggers Carnival of Latin America and the Caribbean | November 9, 2009, 8:00 am
  2. La democracia de los Castros igual a la del Homoerectus Chaves!! Yoani Sanchez no estas sola y muy pronto estos perros Bananeros se caeran en pedazos!!

    Posted by eduardoalberto villab | November 19, 2009, 9:08 pm

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