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HACER is a member of the Advisory Council of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IMA). With the creation of the IMA, the federal government of Mexico recognizes the need to incorporate Mexican communities abroad in the design of policies that affect them, and at the same time to create an important bond with the fellow countrymen who live abroad.

The IMA's Advisory Council provides assistance to the Institute in the design and implementation of actions geared towards Mexican communities abroad. The council is made up of 152 members, and represents the best example in history of an organizational effort by Mexicans living abroad.

In the United States, the IMA's Advisory Council has become a meeting forum for Mexican and Mexican-American leaders who, in the past, were dispersed throughout in different coalitions of local and regional scope. The IMA's Advisory Council has become an excellent bridge of communication between Mexican immigrant leaders and their Mexican-American counterparts. It has also served as a channel to articulate the needs and interests of important segments of Mexican communities in the US on a national level.

President Felipe Calderon during the X IME meeting
at Relaciones Exteriores (Mexico, November 2007)

President Felipe Calderon during the IX IME Meeting
at Los Pinos (Mexico, April 2007)

Former President Vicente Fox VIII IME meeting
at Los Pinos (Mexico, October 2006)

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