HACER JOVEN is a program of the Hispanic American Center for Economic Research devoted to advance our mission and goals among Latin Americans below 30 years old.


  • Develop leadership skills among the members of HACER Joven, providing the necessary tools for an effective leadership in the market-oriented think tanks movement, as activists for freedom and opinion makers.
  • Empower the members of HACER JOVEN introducing them to the most influential think tanks and intellectuals of the USA, Europe and Latin America.
  • Develop networking skills among the members of HACER JOVEN aiming to create strategic alliances among them and to build relationships with volunteers, donors and mass media.


  • Maximize the attendance of the members of HACER JOVEN to our conferences and workshops and to events organized by our ally think tanks.
  • Involve the members of HACER JOVEN in the organization, coordination and logistic efforts related to our activities.
  • Book & Film Club: Meetings to discuss a book or movie, and to exchange opinions, likes and dislikes.
  • Provide information about scholarships to attend international events.
  • Coordinate informal activities among members of HACER JOVEN.


On June 28th 2014, HACER Joven Argentina joined the JAL Association (Asociación de Jóvenes Argentinos Liberales) an initiative of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom in Argentina. JAL promotes the cooperation among the young members of several think tanks and political parties in Argentina in order to promote classical liberal principles such as: limited government under the rule of law, political and economic freedom, individual responsibility and federalism.