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Juan Bautista Alberdi
(1810 - 1884)

An almost universally educated man, Juan Bautista Alberdi stands out as one of the foremost intellectual giants not only of his native Argentina, but also for the whole of Latin America. In the civil war, that ravaged Argentina in the 1840s and early 1850s Alberdi stood firmly to the liberal Federalists against the dictator Manuel Rosas. In 1852 he wrote, what became the manifesto of his party, and what made him perhaps the most important constitutionalist in the Spanish-speaking world.


-Alberdi - Friedrich Naumann Foundation (English)
-Alberdi (Spanish)
-Alberdi - Todo-argentina.net (Spanish)
-Alberdi - Liberal International (English)
-Alberdi - Wikipedia (English)
-Alberdi - Contenido Educativo (Spanish)

Work (Complete PDF versions):

- Bases y puntos de partida para la organizacion nacional (Spanish)
- El Crimen de la Guerra (Spanish)
- Fragmento preliminar al estudio del derecho (Spanish)
- La Omnipotencia del Estado (Spanish)
- Peregrinacion de luz del dia en America (Spanish)
- Reflexiones Historicas I (Spanish)
- Reflexiones Historicas II (Spanish)
- Reflexiones Historicas III (Spanish)
- Sistema economico y rentistico de la Constitucion de 1853 (Spanish)
- Tobias o la Carcel a Vela (Spanish)
- Viajes y descripciones (Spanish)
- Ideas para presidir a la confección del curso de filosofía contemporánea (Spanish)
- La generación presente a la faz de la generación pasada (Spanish)
- Ley de Vagos (Spanish)
- Predicar en desiertos (Spanish)
- Reacción contra el españolismo (Spanish)

Articles about Alberdi:

- Classical Liberalism in Argentina: A Lesson for the World
By Jacob Hornberger
- The Authority of a Foreign Talisman
By Jhonatan M. Miller
- Homenaje a Juan Bautista Alberdi
Por Agustín F. Addy
- Current Crisis Is Nothing New to Argentina
By Steve H. Hanke
- A Privatization From Below
By Carlos A. Ball
- The Life, Death, and Resurrection of an Economy
By Michael C. Monson

Buy his Books:

-Bases y puntos de partida para la organizacion nacional
-Sistema Economico y Rentistico
-El crimen de la guerra - El gigante Amapolas
-Fragmento preliminar al estudio del Derecho
-Peregrinacion de Luz del dia
-Tobias o la carcel a vela
-Viajes y descripciones


2008 Rules for Candidates Nominations

2006 Award Recipient: Alvaro Vargas Llosa

2007 Award Recipient: Marcos Aguinis

Alberdi's Grave at La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires
(Photo Album)

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