Dr. Alejandro Chafuen, PhD.
CURRICULUM VITAEBorn in 1954, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  U.S. citizen, married to Melanie Bailey, two sons, John and Gregory.


High School: St. Andrew’s Scots School (Cambridge examinations); Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Insurance School Degree: Asociación Argentina de Compañías de Seguros, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Bachelor of Arts Degree (Major Economics, q.p. 3.91): Grove City College; Grove City, Pennsylvania.
Masters Degree (Licenciado) in Economics: Argentine Catholic University; Buenos Aires, Argentina, (Graduation 1978).
Independent studies at Centro Internacional San Juan de la Penitencia, (Ortega y Gasset Foundation, Toledo, Spain), received an honorary diploma, second semester 1982.
Ph.D. Degree in Economics (with distinction): International College; Los Angeles, California, (Tutor, Dr. Hans Sennholz, graduation 1984).


Fluent in English and Spanish.  Reading level in French, Portuguese and Italian.  Working knowledge of Latin.


Granted by:
Grove City College, (Grove City, Pennsylvania, 1984); Instituto Torcuato Di Tella, (Buenos Aires, 1982); Fundacion Ortega y Gasset, (Spain, 1982); Fundacion Pérez-Companc (Buenos Aires, 1979-1980); Centro de Estudios sobre la Libertad, (Buenos Aires, 1978).


Donors Trust, Founding Committee.   The Chase Foundation of Virginia, trustee.  Governor’s Commission on Environmental Stewardship, Commonwealth of Virginia (since July 1996).   The CEDICE foundation (US-Venezuela) trustee.  Friends of the IEA foundation, VP of the board.  The Social Affairs Unit, International Advisory Council, London.  Corresponding Member, The European Academy of  Environmental Affairs (since 1997). Advisory Board, America Means Business (1996-1998). Mont Pelèrin Society (since 1980). The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty (founding trustee).  The Philadelphia Society (since 1992).  Buckeye Institute(formerly Urban Policy Research Institute), founding trustee, left board 1998.  Centro de Estudios sobre la Libertad, Buenos Aires.  Hispanic American Center for Economic Research (founder and president).  Escuela de Educación Económica y Filosofía de la Libertad, Buenos Aires.  Instituto de Estudios Económicos y de Etica Social, Buenos Aires, (founding member).  Fundación República, Buenos Aires, (Honorary Board Member).  Latin American Forum.  Fundemos, Bolivia, Academic Advisory Board.  Journal for Markets and Morality, Board of Editors (since 1997).   Member, Editorial Board of Libertas, academic journal of ESEADE, and of the International Advisory Council of  Post-Communist Economies, journal of the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies (U.K., since 2001)


Professor of Economics, National Hispanic University, Oakland, California (Aug. 1987, Oct. 1988).
Assistant Professor, Political Economy and Economic Policy, University of Buenos Aires (Faculty of Law, 1981-March 1985).
Associate Professor, History of Economic Thought, Argentine Catholic University, Buenos Aires, (August 1983-March 1985).
Associate Professor, Critical History of Economic Thought, ESEADE (Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, August 1979-March 1985).
Visiting Professor, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala, August 1984.
Professor, Introduction to Social Sciences, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, 1981.
Associate Professor, Contemporary Economic Policy, ESEADE, (August 1979-March 1980).
Professor of Economics for the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, (August 1979, December 1980).
Teaching assistant, Economic Development, Argentine Catholic University, (May 1977- March 1978).

Research and Editorial
President, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Virginia, since June 1991.
Director of Advisory Programs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Virginia, January 1988- 1991.
Director of Latin American Affairs, Atlas Economic Research Foundation, December 1985.
Research Fellow, ESEADE, (Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, August 1979-March 1985).
Researcher for the Pérez Companc-Universidad Catolica Argentina Project, August 1979-March 1980.

Independent research
Research director of a study concerning the causes and effects of the increase in bureaucracy.  The results were published by Martin Schwab Etchebarne El Estado Eficaz: Democracia e iniciativa privada (Buenos Aires, Editorial Fraterna: 1985), while being undersecretary of privatization of the Radical Party government.
Researcher for CEDIQUIFA (Research Institute of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry), (1983-85), analyzed the effects of government regulations and price developments in the pharmaceutical industry.
Research Associate for Dr. Armando P. Ribas, (1977-1983): empirical and theoretical studies of taxation, and project evaluations.
Principal researcher for a public-choice analysis of government investments.  One-year project headed by Miguel de Oromi (Former undersecretary of Agriculture), conclusions were published in La Reforma del Estado segun la Constitucion Naciónal de 1853 (Buenos Aires, Ed. Sudamericana: 1980).
Member of the research team that Arthur D. Little hired to analyze and recommend an improvement of the structure of each department of the economic ministry. (1980)


Cristiani per la liberta: Radici cattoliche dell’economia di mercato (liberilibri: Macerata, 1999)
Economía y Etica: Raices Cristianas de la Economía Libre de Mercado, (RIALP: Madrid, 1991).
Christians for Freedom: Late-Scholastic Economics with an introduction by Michael E. Novak, (Ignatius Press: San Francisco, 1986). Cristianismo y Libertad, (Christianism and Freedom), co-author, (FAE: Buenos Aires, 1984). El efecto del impuesto a las ganancias sobre la inversión y la formación de capital, (The Effect of Income Taxes on Capital Investments), (Instituto Argentino de la Inversion: Buenos Aires, 1983). Chapters in books “Economic Freedom and Corruption” with Eugenio Guzmán, in 2000 Index of Economic Freedom, O´Driscoll, Holmes and Kirkpatrick: The Heritage Foundation-Wall Street Journal, Washiington DC 1999. “The Church and Latin American’s Struggle for Economic Freedoms,” (National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, 1990). ” Regaining the Moral Foundations of the Free Society, ” in An Austrian in France (Summer University of New Economics), edited by James S. Sadowsky. “Doctrina Social de la Iglesia y Economía de Mercado,” “Argumentos post-tomistas en favor de la propiedad privada,” (Post-Thomist Arguments in favor of Private Property). “Justicia distributiva en la escolastica tardía,” (Distributive Justice in Late Scholastic Thought), in Cristianismo Sociedad Libre y Opción por los Pobres, (CEP: Santiago, Chile, 1988). “Moral y Economía,” Liberalismo y Sociedad, (Macchi: Buenos Aires, 1984).

Estado y Corrupción, “The State and Corruption” with Eugenio Guzmán, Centro de Estudios Publicos , Working Paper, November 1977, Santiago, Chile. “The Origins of Market Economics,” presented at the Philadelphia Society   meeting (April 26, 1997).”Regaining the Moral Foundations” presented at the Philadelphia Society Meeting, April 1995. “Free Markets for Those Who Need Them the Most,” presented at the Liberty Fund symposium
“Christians, Liberty and the Third World,” Savannah, Georgia, January 31-February 3, 1991. “La Economía y la Filosofía de la Libertad,” (Economics and the Philosophy of Freedom), Estudios Públicos, (Academic Journal of the Centro de Estudios Públicos, Chile), No. 23, Winter, 1986. “Argumentos post-tomistas en favor de la propiedad privada,” (Post-Thomist Arguments in favor of Private Property), Libertas, No. 3, October 1985. “Justicia distributiva en la escolastica tardía,” (Distributive Justice in Late Scholastic Thought), Estudios Públicos, No. 18, Autumn, 1985. “Contribuciones de los frailes de la Orden de Santo Domingo en la Isla La Espanola (1510-1519),” Buenos Aires, Programa Bibleh-CONICET, UCA, 1980, pp. 1-22. “La presión tributaria en la industria manufacturera,” (Tax pressures in the manufacturing industry), co-author with Armando P. Ribas, El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, 1979. “Las ideas económicas de Fray Pedro Aguado (c.1538-c.1589),” Buenos Aires, Programa
Bibleh-CONICET, UCA, 1978, pp. 27-82.

“A Latin Summit Plans a Harder Look at Ecopolitics,” The Wall Street Journal, December 6, 1996. ” Brazil Pica en Punta, ” (Brazil Races Ahead) appeared as a syndicated column in most of Latin America and the Nuevo Heraldo in Miami, June 1996. “That St. Bernardine ‘s Ass Could Teach the Bishops,” Reason, August-September 1987. “La deuda externa norteamericana,” (North American External Debt), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos    Aires, February 18, 1986. Appearing also in “Topicos de Actualidad,” No. 606, Guatemala, May 1986,  and El Mundo, Bolivia. “Privatización: más allá de las ideologías,” (Privatization: disregarding ideologies), La Nación,
February 4, 1986. “El pensamiento económico de Michael Novak,” (Michael Novak’s Economic Thought), La Nación, Buenos Aires, July 1985. “Medicamentos, Medios y Fines,” (Medicines: Means and Ends), La Nación, Buenos Aires, January 5,  1985.”Derechos humanos y propiedad privada,” (Human Rights and Private Property), La Nueva Provincia,  Bahía Blanca, January 1985. “Martinez de Hoz, la tablita y mi abuela,” (Fixed Exchange Rates, Martinez de Hoz, and My  Grandmother), Gente, January 1984.”Petróleo …el octavo sacramento?”  (Petroleum…the Eighth Sacrament?),  El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, December 5, 1983. “Cristianismo y economía,” (Economics and Christianism), El Mundo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, November 27, 1983. “2001 Odisea del Estado,” (2001 State Odyssey), La Nación, Buenos Aires, September 24, 1983. “Mudaremos de Tiranos pero no de Tiranía?” (Will We Change Tyrants and Not the Tyranny?), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, July 20, 1983. “Marxista, yo?” (Me, a Marxist?), Apertura, July 1983. “Tal para Cual: Inflación e Indexación,” (Inflation and Indexation: Close Relatives), El Cronista  Comercial, June 28, 1983. “Belgrano, Mitre y el libre mercado,” (Belgrano, Mitre and the Free-Market), La Nación, Buenos Aires, June 20, 1983. “Intimidades de la Tercera Posición,” (Middle of the Road Secrets) La Nación Buenos Aires, June 11, 1983. “La libertad no es imposible,” (Freedom Is Not Impossible), El Mundo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, June 5, 1983. “De tal palo a tal astilla,” (Like Father like Son), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, May 19, 1983. “Huy lo que se viene!” (Beware of the Future!), La Nueva Provincia, Bahia Blanca, May 5, 1983. “A la pelotita!,” (Oh, the Tennis Balls), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, April 21, 1983.”Economía, Perón, Perón?,”  (Economics, Peron, Peron?), La Nación, Buenos Aires,  April 8, 1983. “Ser y parecer marxista,” (Being a Marxist), El Mundo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, April 3, 1983. “Alfonsín, Roosevelt y el New Deal,” (Alfonsin, Roosevelt and the New Deal), La Nación Buenos Aires, March 8, 1983. “Fundamentos escolásticos de la economía de mercado, la propiedad privada,” (Scholastic     foundations…private property), El Mundo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, February 13, 1983. “Matando al Peso: Pesocídio,” (The Pesocide: Killing the Peso), El Mundo, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, January 27, 1983. “Quien Paga?” (Who Pays?), Apertura, January 1983. “Nada nuevo bajo el sol?” (Nothing New?), Apertura, January 1983.”España, el Fracaso de la Tercera Posición,” (Spain, the failure of the Third Way), La Nueva Provincia, Bahia Blanca, November 1982. “Conversaciones con Friedman y Hayek,” (Talking with Friedman and Hayek), La Nación, Buenos Aires, October 5, 1982.”Berlin: Mont Pelerin 1982,” La Nación, Buenos Aires, September 17, 1982. “La Iglesia y la economía,” (The Church and Economics), La Nación, Buenos Aires, June 13, 1982.”Economía de Guerra o de Derrota?” (War or Defeat Economy?), La Nación, Buenos Aires, May 1982. “Qué comen los ferrocarriles?” (What do the railways eat?), La Nación, Buenos Aires, April 1982. “Televisión y Economía,” (Television and Economics), La Nación, Buenos Aires, February 18, 1982. “Pinguinos Si, Petroleo No?” (Penguins Yes, Petroleum No?), La Nación 1982; this article led to an interview by Radio Mitre, Buenos Aires. “El interés, la usura, y la Iglesia,” (Interest Rates, Usury, and the Church), La Nación, Buenos Aires, December 17, 1981. “La Sociedad Mont Pélerin,” (The Mont Pelerin Society), La Nación, Buenos Aires, November 16, 1981. “Ideas Inflacionarias,” (Inflationary Ideas), La Nación, Buenos Aires, August 31, 1981. “La defensa de la competencia y la lealtad comercial,” (Anti-trust and Fair-trade Laws), La Nación, Buenos Aires, July 30, 1981. “Los Economistas Políticos,” (The “Politician” Economists), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, June 5, 1980. “La devaluación y el nivel de precios,” (Devaluation and Price Levels), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, May 29, 1981. “Los pesos sinceros,” (A zero-stripped peso), La Nación, Buenos Aires, May 20, 1981. “Los fundamentos escolásticos…Moneda y Precios,” (Scholastic Foundations…Money and Prices),   Pensamiento Económico, Buenos Aires, April 1981.”Vidas Paralelas,” (Parallel lives), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, March 5, 1981.”La Banca Oficial,” (The State Banks), La Nación, Buenos Aires, February 1981. “Los fundamentos escolásticos…La Moneda,” (Scholastic Foundations…Theory of Money),
Pensamiento Económico, Buenos Aires, January 1981. “El falso monetarismo,” (A False Monetarism), La Nación, Buenos Aires, November 1980. “La Macromancia,” (Macromancy), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, October 30, 1980. “Los fundamentos escolásticos…La Ley Natural,” (Scholastic Foundations…Natural Law),
Pensamiento Económico, Buenos Aires, October 1980. “El sector público y las exportaciones,” (Exports and the Public Sector), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, September 25, 1980. ” San Bernardino , Economista,” (Saint Bernardine, Economist), La Nación,  September 16, 1980. “Los fundamentos escolásticos de la economía de mercado,” (Scholastic Foundations of the Market Economy), Pensamiento Economico, Buenos Aires, July 1980. “El proteccionismo y los salarios,” (Wages and Protectionism), El Cronista Comercial, February 21, 1980. “El acto final,” (The Final Act), La Nueva Provincia, Bahía Blanca, 1980. “La mayor traba para lograr la estabilidad,” (The Greatest Barriers Toward Stability), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, December 13, 1979.”Los aranceles y los precios de monopolio,” (Tariffs and Monopoly Prices), El Cronista Comercial, Buenos Aires, November 2, 1979. “War Without End,” The Freeman, January 1979. 

“Foro Interamericano,” several TV programs on Latin American Economics, produced by Worldnet and shown in most of Latin America. Frequent interviews for “A Fondo,” LT8 and Channel 5 Radio and TV Programs. Interviews appearing in the newspaper La Segunda (Chile, October 4, 1984); in the magazines Mercado, Esqiu, and Creer; TV Channel 9 (on “Telepolítica,” one hour talk-show, on privatization); Radio Argentina (two hour talk-show on the problem of external debt), Radio Mitre (four interviews), Radio Viedma and Radio Coronel Suarez, On The Line:  Voice of America (“Mexico’s Democratic Breakthrough” 7/8/2000).


Editorial page writer, La Nueva Provincia (1980-1982), and The Review of the River Plate (1982).   They published one hundred and sixty of my editorials. Financial columnist, La Nación, El Cronista Comercial, and La Nueva Provincia (1980 to
the present).


“Scholastic Economics” at the Guillermo Brown Naval School, (Rio Santiago, Buenos Aires, September 1983).
“The Catholic Roots of the Market Economy” at Escuela de Educación Económica, (Buenos Aires, August 1983).
“Scholastic Economics” at Ateneo de Occidente, (Buenos Aires, April-June 1983).
“A Seminar in Economic Policy and Theory” at Centro Universitario Los Aleros, (Buenos Aires, 1982).
“The Chicago School” at Liceana Foundation, (Buenos Aires, 1978).


Delivering a paper or comments
La libertad econmica en el pensamiento escolastico, Catholic University of Montevideo (Uruguay), May 24, 2000.
Economic Freedom in Latin America and its Relation to Rule of Law, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, March 31-April 1, 2000.
Latin American Renaissance, Economic Freedom Around the World Conference, Heritage Foundation, March 8, 2000.
Soberanía Política y Cultural ante la Globalización, Universidad Autonoma de Puebla, August 1999.
Austrian Economics and the Social Doctrine of the Church: a Reflection based on the economic writings of Mateo Liberatore and Oswald von Nell-Breuning.  Southern Economic Association, Nov. 10, 1998.
Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Fundacion Libertad conference on Corruption, Fundacion Bank of Boston, Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 17, 1997
Association of Private Enterprise Educators, March 1996, Las Vegas (paper on “Think Tanks as an American Phenomenon”).
Role of Third Parties in Advancing Appropriate Environmental Policy, The Coca Cola Company, August 30, 1995.
History of Economics Society meeting, June 1994,  Babson College (presenting paper on ‘Schumpeter and Late Scholastic Economics”).
History of Economics Society meeting, June 1, 1992, George Mason University, comment on “Centesimus Annus” by Sam Bospath.
“Justice Sociale et Economie de Marche” August 26-30 1991, Aix-en-Provence.
Centro de Estudios en Economia y Educación, “The Poverty of Nations,” Mexico City, November 4, 1988.
Philadelphia Society General Meeting, “The Prospects for Freedom in Latin America,” April 1988, Chicago.
Sixteenth Meeting of Public Finance, Cordoba State University, Faculty of Economic Science, September 1983.
Second Annual Meeting, ESEADE.  General topic: “History of Economic Thought,” Buenos Aires, October 1983.
Third Meeting of Argentine Economy, Rosario University, Faculty of Economic Science, September 1981.
International Summit, National Technical University of Athens, “The Limits of the Public Sector,” Athens, Greece, 1996.
Public Relations Society of America, Presentation on “Sustainable Development” with Paul K. Driessen, Esq., June 1997. 

As a Member
Mont Pelerin Society meetings in: Washington (1998), Mt. Pelerin (1997), Vienna (1996), moderator of a panel on Islam, Christianity and Economics; Cannes (1994); Rio de Janeiro (1993); Vancouver (1992); Munich (1990); Guatemala (1990), member of the program committee; Indianapolis (1987); St. Vincent, Italy (1986); Berlin (1982); Viña del Mar, Chile  (1981); and Stanford University (U.S.A., 1980).  Latin American Forum meetings in Miami; April, 1986, and May 1987. 

As an Organizer and Host
Atlas Economic Research Foundation meetings in Belo Horizonte, Istanbul, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Philadelphia, Beijing, Cuernavaca, London, East Sussex, Guadalajara, Guayaquil, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sao Paulo, San Jose, Costa Rica, Buenos Aires and Rosario, Argentina, Punta del Este, Stockholm, San Jose, Costa Rica, Munich, Caracas, Milan, and other events in Jamaica, Guatemala, Virginia, and Indianapolis.


Editor of Apertura magazine (1982-1983); partial owner of Milton Friedman’s “Free to Choose” TV series rights (for Argentina) (1981-1983).
External Consultant, McMaster Investments.   Former trustee of Argentine financial, investment and insurance companies.